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Set Life Photography Referral Program

We are pleased to announce our new Referral Program here at Set Life Photography that will benefit both clients and those who refer clients to us.  I know you are wondering what this amazing program is.  Well basically we call it the Win Win Win Program.  If you refer a client to us and thy book a photo session with us we will waive our session fee for their first visit.  Pretty awesome right.  On top of that when they tell us who referred them we will send a $75 Gift Certificate to that person to go towards their next photo session or print purchase!!! For those who refer someone for a wedding/event that client will receive a 20% discount.  I know pretty awesome right??? 

For example, Jane calls and says she would like to book us for a maternity shoot, "Hi I'm Jane and I would love to have a maternity shoot"  "That's awesome Jane and congratulations are your soon to be addition to the family"  "How did you hear about us?" Jane responds, "Cindi referred me to you." Our response, "That's awesome Jane.  We had a great shoot with Cindi, and since you are a new customer we are going to waive our session fee and on top of that we are going to send Cindi a Gift Certificate towards her next session for being such a sweet person and referring you to us."  It's a win, win, win situation for all.  All parties involved receives a great deal and we receive another awesome client!!

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